For affordable Orthotics in Edmonton, we get you moving again!

For affordable Orthotics in Edmonton, we get you moving again!

For affordable Orthotics in Edmonton, we get you moving again!For affordable Orthotics in Edmonton, we get you moving again!

Why Albany Orthopedics?

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Dedicate to Helping You Move Again

Our goal at Albany Orthopedics is to 'get you moving again'.  That's not just a slogan, it's a mission!  Understanding the importance of your feet and lower limbs is vital to your health.  There are many places to visit for orthotics in Edmonton, but not everyone is trained the same! We want to understand the importance of keeping your body aligned, so that you can achieve maximum comfort. Often people are miss-sized for the devices they are wearing!  We accurately measure to ensure proper fit and comfort. For quality orthotics and compression stockings in Edmonton, Call (780) 907-7735 today!


Experienced Professionals

There have been many changes in private insurance policies regarding coverage for orthopedic services.  We are proud to confirm that the professionals at Albany Orthopedics are registered, certified practitioners who's services are recognized. Bernard El Boustani is our certified pedorthist from the American Board for Certification and from PFA Canada (CPL 4764). He is also a certified fitter for orthosis from the American Board for Certification. This includes braces for the whole body and medical compression stockings. 


Individual Treatment

There are hundreds of Over the Counter devices that just don't quite do the job!  We've all tried buying inserts that feel nice for a few days, but then seem to fail.  That's why we do a gait analysis/range of motion test, to determine what type of device will work best for you, to help treat the underlying issues to your orthopedic concerns.

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Learn about some of the more common orthopedic issues that Albany Orthopedics can assist you with.

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Quality is important.  Here you will find a brief list of some of the companies that we have chosen to align with, based on quality and care.

Insurance Coverage?

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New rules to insurance coverage policies.  Inform yourself, protect yourself.

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